Face Mask Pattern

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I used Moda cotton fabric

 (1) 7" x 14" outer layer fabric

(1) 7" x 14" lining layer fabric

(2) 12" pieces of thin elastic (cord or flat-woven)



  1. Take the two pieces of fabric you have chosen. It is best to use two different fabrics so you know which is the inside and the outside of the mask
  2. Fold your two pieces of fabric in half and then pin the pattern to them with straight edge in line with grain of fabric.
  3. Cut around the pattern piece this will give you two pieces for the outer layer and two for the inner.
  4. Take the two outer layer pieces and place them right sides together. Seam using ¼ inch allowance along the curved edge. Repeat for the lining.
  5. Snip into the seam just sewn about halfway into the allowance.
  6. Pin the outer layer and lining right sides together, mating the edges and centre seams.
  7. Sew around the mask leaving a gap measuring about 1 ½ inches long in the bottom edge, so that you can turn the mask out.
  8. Snip across the corner seam allowance make sure you do not cut into the stitching.
  9. Turn the mask right side out, use the end of some tweezers or pencil to push the corners until they are sharp.
  • Finger press the raw edges of the unsewn seam in to match the rest of the seam.
  • Topstitch all round the mask about 1/8 th of an inch from the edge of the mask.
  • Fold over and sew the ends of the mask to form a channel for the elastic.
  • Take the pieces of elastic and thread on through each of the channels. Tie them off and thread the knot into the channel.
  • Your mask is finished
  • The cotton is washable at 60 degrees which is the recommendation for killing Covid 19 virus



Debs Fabrics June 2020

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