Comet Quilt!

I hope you are all well and that the up and down weather hasn’t been too disruptive for you all. It feels more weird at the moment than when we were in proper lockdown, the rules keep changing whilst those of you still shielding, must be wondering when it will end. Sewing has been one of the few things that I have felt was still normal throughout all of this.

I have been making a quilt for me this week, and it has been good fun.

It is called Comet and I love it, now to layer it up and quilt it, which is the part I dread.

I have been making masks for family and friends, and Moda are sending through some really jolly mask panels so we can have quirky ones, I am not sure when it will be arriving it was due at the beginning of July, however instead of air freight everything is coming by boat now and it is taking up to 8 weeks longer!!!!

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