Grunge Contest 2020

Thank you to all who have entered. Please view the following five entries and vote once for your favourite at the end. Voting closes Friday 21st August when the votes will be adjudicated and the winning entry will be sent to the next round of the Moda competition.

Entry One

The red cross is a symbol of humanitarian aid. In this quilt I pay tribute to those men and women who volunteer to leave their homes and families, and risk their lives, in times of war or natural disaster, from wherever the call comes. It measures 102 cm x 102 cm so 408 cm circumference  = 160 inches.

Entry Two
I had always fancied making a Dresden Neighbourhood quilt, and the combination of doing a ‘dresden plate’ workshop to learn the technique and coming across the grunge fabric range meant that now was the time. I had bought the browns to do the rooves but when it came to it they just needed to be colourful, so I decided to use the browns as on the back as a sort of greyscale version.  I kept the quilting simple so as to keep the focus on the piecing.  I love how it turned out and as it’s a wall hanging I have options for which side I see depending on my mood. 


Entry Three

Bold colour blocks create a landscape travelling along a riverbank from the busy city to the sea. The background strips graduate in colour Broken by a narrow strip of colour and are straight line quilted. The contrasting buildings and their reflections are hand turned onto the design with small colourful blocks interspersed.

Entry Four
This quilt celebrates British Bees with contemporary interpretations of common bee species. Numbers of bees are declining but as I sat out in my garden this summer flowers attracted many bees to my garden creating quite a buzz in the quiet during lockdown. The bees are set out as an identification chart which gives the impression of a military formation about to set out. Each bee is made using curved piecing and the body and wings are lightly quilted. The background design is to emulate the waggle dance and the name of each bee is hand embroidered beneath them.
Entry Five
Digger in the Hostas! Technique - raw edged applique with free motion quilting (based on Shannon Brinkley’s portrait quilt technique). A portrait quilt of my best friend’s dog, hiding in his favourite place - under the hostas in her garden!  Made for her 50th birthday in Dec 2020 as week as for the Moda Grunge 2020 contest.